casting on.

i am a knitter.

i love knitting. i love yarn. i love how knitting keeps me calm and reduces my stress levels. i love the feeling of accomplishment when i finally finish a pattern or when i learn a new stitch.i am a self-taught knitter. my nana, my maternal grandmother, was and always will be my inspiration. i remember as a child, sitting in her living room, “the price is right” on teevee, me coloring in my coloring books, and my nana sitting in her chair, knitting needles clicking away. she was always knitting. every winter we were presented with a new handknit hat-and-mittens set to match our winter jackets, and we had many handknit afghans adorning our couches and beds. as i got older, i showed interest in learning how to knit, and my ever-patient nana tried to show me how, many times, but it never made sense to me. finally, junior year of college, i sat on my bed with some instructions i printed from the internet, a skein of red heart yarn, and some red aluminum needles, determined to figure it out. after several hours, something clicked and it all made sense. later, i learned to purl, and i’ve been knitting ever since.

i’ve been knitting for five years now, but i am not a very accomplished knitter, by any means. i’ve knit a bunch of scarves and other simple rectangular items, but i haven’t really challenged myself to grow and improve in my knitting. until now. one of my new year’s resolutions is to improve my knitting and branch out and try new things. i’d like to knit a simple sweater. i’m intrigued by sock knitting, and hear it’s addictive. i want to use circular needles and figure out dpn’s.i’ll be using this blog to document my wip’s and fo’s and everything in between. there will be successes and there will probable be some frogging, but that’s part of the fun, right?


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